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As a spiritual seeker my entire life, and a licensed acupuncturist for the past 13 years, I have experienced and learned a lot.  Do I know everything?  No way!  I do know enough to be helpful, though.

The most important lesson I learned over the years is that everything is interconnected.  Everything we do matters.  Everything we say matters.  Everything matters because it's all interconnected... we're all interconnected.  We're connected with the Earth, we're connected with each other, we're connected with the beyond... we're all connected.

Why did I open a holistic center and not an acupuncture clinic?

I opened a holistic center because while acupuncture is truly wonderful and helps a lot, it is only one approach to well-being.  We are holistic beings, requiring a multi-faceted approach to well-being.  Everything matters.  I want people to become empowered in their health and not simply relying on somebody else to fix them.  So, I created a sacred space to empower the people.

I discovered while providing acupuncture that most people wanted their pain to disappear, but they weren't taking the holistic approach that would truly be necessary to decrease their pain and improve their quality of life in an expanded way.  Sure, acupuncture can decrease pain, but we want more than that.  We want to thrive.  The best way to thrive is to take a holistic approach and begin to experience yourself as an energetic being, not only a physical being.  That's what we're here to provide, a gateway to Who You Really Are, so that you can thrive... so that we all can thrive, together.

I wanted to create a place where people would heal and harmonize, not only physically, but also spiritually and energetically.  That's why I created a sacred space, founded on Love and Kindness, full of great energy that is supportive of everyone who walks through the door.  I want everyone who walks through the door to have multiple approaches to expanded well-being.  That's why I'm gathering a team of holistic practitioners to offer their services.  I am building community.  When one person thrives, we all thrive.  When one person suffers, we all suffer.  My goal is to uplift everyone, the planet and beyond.

Why the name "Embrace?"

When I was in acupunture school, I used to attend yoga classes around Austin, Texas.  I heard a song I liked and discovered that it was from the artist Wah!  She wrote, sang, and played bass guitar on an album called, "Embrace."  I found this album to be incredibly supportive and comforting when I was going through my own personal healing journey, or, "dark night of the soul," as they call it.  Later on in life I ended up taking a yoga class taught by Wah!, where she told me how that album she wrote was inspired by Amma, the hugging saint.  I told her that I could feel so much love coming through that album and she said that the energy was the same loving energy channelled by Amma.  There was one song in particular that moved me, and that song was called, "Embrace."  It was about the loving embrace that Amma provided for thousands of people over the years.  One of my favorite lines from the song is, "Oh/Oh how I long for it/Arms open wide...," singing about how all of us need to be shown Love and Kindness.  That song moved me tremendously, and is basically a balm for the Heart chakra.  So, when deciding upon a name I was playing the song in the space and it occured to us that Embrace would be a great name for the holistic center.  Not only does it encompass the message we want to send the world, that we would be much better off if we all just embraced and healed our world, but it also is an omage to one of my favorite songs whose lyrics represent exactly what I want Embrace Holistic Center to represent... Love and Kindness.


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Our Origin Story

Born from Passion for Holistic Care

In the heart of Kingston, PA, Embrace Holistic Center sprang to life from a vision Brian Snyder had over 15 years ago... a place where people could come to relax and heal. United by a deep-rooted belief in the power of holistic wellness, Brian and Anne Snyder created a sanctuary where every individual's journey to health and happiness is nurtured with care and compassion.

Why We Care

At Embrace Holistic Center, your wellness journey is deeply personal to us, guiding you towards a harmonious, healthier life.

We all have a story, and mine is no different.  I was enjoying my life, living in New York City, trying to "make it" in the world as a singer-songwriter when the unthinkable happened... my left ear "popped" when listening to a band play music, and I never heard the same way again.  As a musician, singer and performer I was devastated.  I missed my old hearing, and I wanted it back, but I couldn't have it.  Instead, my love was replaced with extreme anxiety and depression.  I fell to the depths of despair that lead one to consider alternates for staying on this planet.

Luckily, my mother said, "Don't give up, try acupuncture."  I said, "I don't know what that is, but I'll try it."

Little did I know that my entire perception of reality was about to change.  It was through Dr. Wu and acupuncture that I learned about the energetic reality that acctivates all living things.  I began to see all form as not only form, but energy first.  I began to experience the energetic reality that I had never been aware of until then.

Dr. Wu taught me qigong and tai chi.  Qigong means "energy practice" and is a way to move energy for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  It was through these lessons that I realized... "This is what everyone is looking for."  Everyone is looking for a connection to the energetic reality that brings us all peace, but most people don't know how to find it.

I went on to learn yoga, Reiki and my favorite form of energy healing called, Reconnective Healing.  I discovered the energetic power of crystals to move energy and was fascinated with all things "energy."

Still, I was trying to fix my ear and my hearing.  What I discovered was that in the process of trying to heal my hearing, I ended up healing deep, deep emotional trauma that was always there below the surface, waiting to come out.  I spent three years crying and doing Reiki on myself, until one day the sadness lessened, and I began to feel clarity.  At the bottom of that well of sadness is LOVE.  Hope and Love.  You ARE Love, and that's why you miss the feeling.  You miss who you really are.  Once you purge all the sadness, all you feel is love.

So, now I feel love on a regular basis, including my interconnection with all that is.  I no longer feel separate from God, or Life itself, and I am able to tap into deep peace.  Does that mean that I don't get frustrated by everyday life?  Of course not.  I am still running around like everyone else here, trying to make it from point A to point B with the most pleasant experience possible, however, I now know Who I Am, and what I'm doing here, and that makes life a whole lot better.

Why did I want to open a holistic center?  I wanted to open a holistic center because it's an extension of who I am.  Once God or the Universe grants you inside knowledge into Who You Really Are, it's your pleasure to share that experience with other people.  I want you to experience Who You Really Are as well, which is why we created a space where that is possible.

So, come join us in expanding consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet.  Experience the Love that You Really Are and Inter-connectedness with All That Is.  There is no better feeling than Oneness.


Love, Brian

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