Here are some acupuncture testimonials from Snyder Acupuncture patients.

I feel like I can dance the jig.

Here’s a video testimonial from one of my patients. I was providing treatments out of Chambers’ Wellness Center in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, at the time.

“My hip pain went down from a 5, flaring at 7, down to ZERO! I feel like I can dance the jig! Also, my headache went away.”

You’re really talented.

I just called because I wanted to tell you that I really miss your treatments and that you’re really talented and super-amazing at what you do.


Floating away…

I felt like I was floating away on a cloud.

Switching to you as my primary provider has been the best leap of faith I have ever taken! Your intuitive and multifaceted approach has given me symptom relief that at one point I never thought I could achieve. Thanks for listening to my rambling and for the many laughs we’ve shared. I look forward to many more years as your patient. Merry Christmas, stay awesome!

-Andie B.

Symptom relief that at one point I never thought I could achieve.

I was able to attend the wedding without any knee pain!

— Carole A.

My hip pain is gone!

— Gail H.


They took a picture of me, and my hands looked normal for the first time.

— Leigh-ann O.

My migraine went away.


ACUPUNCTURE FOR MIGRAINES, Here's my first experience. If you don't know I am a chronic migraine sufferer since 15 years of age. I have about 3 types of migraines. The last 5 years or so I have have been awakened by Cervicogenic Migraines almost every morning between 4:00-6:00 am. I have tried well over 30 different medicines. Last August I received nerve block shots in my neck and experienced very little to no pain for about 5 weeks! Unfortunately the next 2 doses were administered by other people and they didn't work. So this past Saturday I tried Acupuncture with Dr. Snyder @Soul Shine in Mountain Top. Here's my thoughts on that procedure.

Saturday morning my upper back and neck muscles were crazy tight. I was surprised I didn't have a migraine. Dr. Snyder did not rush the process. I took the time to talk with me after I filled out the paperwork. Asking about my health history. Questions about my migraines, what my triggers are, what helps, etc. He explained the process in detail before we entered the Acupuncture room. The first visit I laid face up on a table I was having a hard time getting comfortable on the table. My neck was just a wreck. He started to put the needles into my skin in various places. I was surprised that I didn't feel them going in. I mean I could tell he was doing something to my skin, but didn't feel a prick. I would say he did about 30-40 needles, I only felt 3. He had told me if I felt the needle and it was uncomfortable to let him knew and he would adjust it or remove it. When he put one on each side of my neck, I thought, hmm that took the edge off. He also used a tuning fork and put it on top of my head, third eye, on my chest. This had a relaxing affect on my body & mind. After all the needles were in place, eh let me lay quietly for 30-40 minutes. It was very relaxing. I caught myself actually falling asleep several times. Big difference from the beginning when I could get my neck comfortable laying down. I should say Dr. Snyder was happy to try several sized pillows in the beginning to try & help my neck to feel better before he started.

When finished, I knew my shoulders dropped considerably. And the muscles were much looser then they had been in August after my 1st nerve block shots. I couldn't believe it! I am writing this on Wednesday morning, let me say I felt good almost everyday since then. Only having a headache the next morning which I attribute to soreness on the back of my head possibly where a needle(s) were placed. I have not had my daily migraine wake up call since having this first session.

I'm going back on Thursday to lay on my stomach and get the needles the back of me. I am very excited to this next session. If I can get those kinds of results with acupuncture on the front of my body I can't imagine how great I will feel with the procedure done on the back of my body!

I should say, he also treated me for Anxiety which I get almost every night. See When it comes to bed time I see it as a fast train to the next migraine in the morning. and depression because of the daily migraine cycle that starts to really bring my mood down when I think there is no help & I will live my life like this. It gets really hard for me to stay positive. Thank You Dr. Snyder.

-Karen P.


I had a 2nd session, Thursday. This time the hair-thin needles were applied on the back, head, arms and possible feet. Also a little Chinese massage on my migraine inducing spot. I am Thrilled to say still no migraines!!! For those of you that don't know me I wake up EVERY morning with these cervicogenic migraines, so I am thrilled to have no pain, no extremely tight muscles and my shoulders are not up by my ears. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

-Karen P.

Where did you send me? That’s the most peace I’ve felt in years.

I love coming here.